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Título: Legitimizing the actions of the organisations of the society
Tipo de documento:  Artículo Publicado
Autor/es: Meza, Celeste Eugenia ; Sigliano, María Fernanda
Temas: Proyectos sociales; Gestion; Planificacion estrategica; Evaluacion de resultados
Fecha:  2012-11
Formato:  nº 119 - pp. 4-5

With the increasing demand for greater transparency in NGO's actions in the context of a crisis of values that seeks more concrete evidence, we need to find the right tool for displaying the daily activities. The Social Report 'Legitimizing the actions of the organisations of the civil society' is a voluntary management and evaluation tool that has the purpose of offering methodical and systematic information of the solidarity action assumed and exercised by the organisation in a certain period. It is an annual qualitative and quantitative demonstration of social action organisations. It is a tool for assessment, management and strategic business planning that helps identify opportunities for improvement in the outcome. When the organisation "possesses trustworthy and honest information about the development of its labor we can say that it has in its hands a diagnosis of its own reality" , which "generates a tacit commitment of progressive improvement". It allows institutional transparency in the exhibition of its actions and the accountability considered as the possibility of "preserving the confidence of the public at the same time as it is capable of explaining the promises made by the organisation to people who support it, all this without moving away from its mission". Our goal, then, would be to allow the sector to go one step towards the idea of standardizing parameters that legitimate processes with the objective of benchmarking. To facilitate, at the same time, a continued self evaluation with the aim in mind of prioritizing the intervention to provide more and better services to the whole community.

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Cita:  Meza, C.E., Sigliano, M.F., (2012). Legitimizing the actions of the organisations of the civil society. Arvac Bulletin, 119,4-5.
Identificadores: ISSN : 1755-1331